Anesthesia Services

Your procedure may require anesthesia services. If so, the anesthesiologist will discuss this with you on the day of your scheduled procedure. You will be required to sign a consent form authorizing these services. A copy of this is available for your review here. 


Anesthesia Services are provided by Red River Anesthesia. Successful results of the patient’s procedure are only a portion of the care they provide. Another emphasis is pain management, to ensure that the patient remains as comfortable as possible both during their procedure and in recovery time which follows.

Red River Anesthesia is composed of Board Certified Anesthesiologists who are experts in the use of the most advanced acute pain management techniques available. These techniques result in minimizing pain, improving patient satisfaction, and a quicker recovery time and return to everyday lifestyle.

Contact Information

Red River Anesthesia

PO Box 8278
Alexandria, LA 71306
(318) 484-5280

There are fully equipped operating rooms utilizing the latest in technology for the performance of procedures and for the administration of anesthesia

Patient Testimonials

This setting gives you the overall confidence of a very professional, courteous and being cared for. It is almost like coming home to the old days when physicians had time for patients. I like the facility and am looking forward to the new phase opening soon. I think it will be a great asset to Alexandria and the surrounding areas.